Nanolash lash growth serum

Definitely, Nanolash lash growth serum rules in the field of eyelash conditioning products available currently on the market. It improves such parameters of eyelashes like their thickness and volume, making them as beautiful as possible. Furthermore, the cosmetic extends eyelashes and darkens their colour incredibly. Therefore, even right after waking up (without wearing any makeup on) our eyelashes remain spectacular by providing depth to our look. Just after 15 days of Nanolash application, we can see that the makeover of our eyelashes is heading the right direction.

How to use it?

Application of Nanolash lash growth serum is very easy. Suffice it is to once a day (in the evening), right after precise makeup removal, reach for Nanolash and use a thin brush, that the tube features. In short, you have to wield the brush and try to put on the product by using a single smooth movement. Distribute the product along upper and lower eyelid, just behind the eyelash line. Mind you, systematic application is extremely important. Although Nanolash has to be applied every day, I don’t find this procedure problematic. Soon enough, process of using Nanolash lash growth serum will become your daily ritual as, for example, is the process of tooth brushing. Basically, the treatment lasts more or less six months and this is for how long Nanolash holds out. However, it is worth adding that our eyelashes start growing outstandingly beautiful just after 15 days of application. Within four weeks, Nanolash lash growth serum will make our eyelashes noticeably extended. The next weeks of the treatment are for sustaining the obtained outcomes and boosting the effect Nanolash generates. Furthermore, eyelashes are constantly stimulated and encouraged by the active substances to grow long and thick. Once satisfying effects are gained, Nanolash lash growth serum can be used just 2-3 times per week, just to provide eyelashes with optimal protection.

As a payback, eyelashes will look marvellously.

How does it work?

Nanolash lash growth serum is absorbed by eyelid skin just within a few seconds, which is why, there is no need in worrying that the product will somehow get into eyes. The beauty product starts working underneath skin. Ingredients of Nanolash lash growth serum penetrate deep into eyelash bulbs to nourish eyelashes from the roots. This kind of action delivers effects in a form of beautiful eyelashes, which start to extend and additionally, become reinforced from the outside too – they stop breaking and falling out.

What effect does it produce?

Nourished, healthy, thickened, and long become eyelashes just after two weeks of application. Spectacular effect will be obtained after a month of Nanolash lash growth serum use. What is more, the beauty product will protect eyelashes against being damaged and uncontrolled falling out. Additionally, Nanolash lash growth serum will lock in moisture and make the eyelashes curl delicately.

What is inside?

Composition of the cosmetic appears to be a nice surprise for the consumers. Nanolash lash growth serum is completely safe, does not cause irritations nor allergies, and can be used by people who wear contact lenses. Natural ingredients of Nanolash lash growth serum (such as eyebright herb extract) make the product safe for people over 18, as well as for those who underwent chemotherapy. Lack of side effects, which has its proof in numerous tests conducted in many research institutions, ensures us that the desired effect will be obtained without any unpleasant surprises and disappointments.

How does it look like?

Smart and aesthetic – this is how the package of Nanolash can be described. A black, matte tube stores 3 ml of the cosmetic. The lash growth serum looks like an eyeliner – just a small, round package featuring a thin brush. We have to unscrew the cap delicately, to prevent the liquid from spilling out. Additionally, the cosmetic is packed into a small-sized cardboard box with a silver inscriptions on it. No odd elements. Design of the lash growth serum is classy since it is made for classy women. The action of Nanolash can be also described as classy.

Does it have any drawbacks?

Some people consider price of Nanolash as being a little too high. However, as my friend (badly experienced by various cosmetic experiments) tends to say, ‘If a product is too cheap, put is back onto a shelf and walk out of the store immediately!’

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  • Total score: 9


  • almost immediate effect of beautiful, thick, dense, and extended lashes
  • natural and completely safe composition
  • no side effects
  • long-lasting eyelash protection
  • eyelash nourishment and moistening
  • delicate curl
  • easy application
  • elegant, black and matte tube


  • none