Latiss, American lash growth serum, has gained its popularity not only among women from the United States. It is a product beloved by females from all over the world because it provides a spectacular effect of strong and long eyelashes eliminating at the same time problem of their excessive falling out. In short, the product improves eyelash condition.

How to use it?

The lash growth serum has to be applied in the evening, after make-up removal. It has to be put only on the upper eyelash line. The package features the tube with the product and 60 brushes. Each of the applicators is disposable. A drop of the product has to be applied on the brush, stroked along eyelids, and thrown away. This increases safety level of the product’s use – multiple use of the same applicator might lead to eye infection. One can say that the producer took care of everything.

How does it work?

Recommended by ophthalmologists, Latisse lash growth serum does not only work beneficial on eyelashes but it also brings relief to people who suffer from ocular hypertension. For that reason, it is a well-examined product, which was checked for its composition’s quality.

It extends, improves density, and darkens eyelashes in a very effective way. What is more, iLatisse lash growth serum is definitely able to improve condition of eyelashes by prolonging growth phase of the small hair of eyelids’.

The phase begins when the hair is small enough to hide inside a follicle, and finishes once the eyelash grows out to its fullest.

What effect does it produce?

First effects are generated just after a few weeks of use. However, in this case, being patient pays off. If applied longer than that, Latisse lash growth serum affects eyelashes by providing them with spectacular length, as it improves eyelash thickness and darkens their colour. No more weak, matte eyelashes with fair, hard-to-notice ends.

What is inside?

Latisse lash growth serum’s main ingredient is Bimatoprost. It is an organic chemical compound used for many years to treat mild eye disorders.

It was cottoned on soon enough that smaller, completely safe dosages of Bimatoprost help women turning their lashes longer, more dense, and nourished. Probably, none of the ingredients used into lash growth serums has ever been examined in such a detailed manner as Bimatoprost was.

Latisse lash growth serum works at night, during our sleep. Then, it moves onto the other eyelid to stimulate lower eyelashes too.

How does it look like?

Latisse lash growth serum does not resemble a mascara. Instead, it is a small tube closed with an azure cap. The package goes with a set of 60 brush applicators. The capacity of Lattise equals 5 ml.

Does it have any drawbacks?

The cost of Latisse lash growth serum is rather high. Many women claim that they are more willing to spend their money on a slightly cheaper lash growth serum of the same action as Latisse.

Moreover, a lot of women complain about the short-lived effects Latisse produces. Indeed, the outcomes are spectacular, however, they do not last long. This situation is connected with the self-regeneration process of eyelashes, which takes place in an organism. Hence, the treatment has to be undergone again after a short break.



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  • great effect of longer, stronger, and dense eyelashes
  • very hygienic in use, 60 applicators attached to the package (enough for a month-long treatment)
  • it has been available on the market for long, not only as a cosmetic but also as a medicine prescribed by ophthalmologists
  • Latisse lash growth serum is easy to dose and apply to eyelids


  • The price is exorbitant. Many women prefer to buy a bit cheaper serum which works the same.
  • Contact lens wearers must takes lenses off before the application and they can put them back no sooner than after 15 minutes.
  • To make things worse, many women complain that the effect of spectacular lashes doesn’t last long. It is caused by the natural self-repair of lashes which takes place in our bodies, regardless of everything. After some time, the treatment must be repeated.