LiLash is imported form the USA. The brand, Cosmetic Pros LLC located in Arizona, has also other similar products to offer, like for example, LiBrown (obviously, to condition eyebrows). The lash growth serum was launched in 2008 by Wasserman, who is a well-known surgeon of aesthetic medicine. Plenty of women trusted him, which has contributed to huge sale of the beauty product not only in the territory of the USA but also worldwide.

How to use it?

The lash growth serum has to be applied on eyelids, precisely on the eyelash root lines. It is suggested conducting the procedure every evening, right before going to bed. To clarify, the lash growth serum has to get the possibility to be absorbed. In most cases, it takes more or less 3 minutes, however, sometimes it takes 5, 6 or longer. This can be troublesome, especially in the morning when most women are rushed for time.

In general, the producer guarantees achieving outcomes after 90 days of LiLash lash growth serum use.

How does it work?

The producer ensures that our eyelashes will become spectacularly long (around 80% longer) which will be accompanied with density improvement (about 70%). The substance responsible for eyelash nourishment remains unknown. All that can be found on the package is a mysteriously sounded inscription ‘LiLash magic’. Do we have to believe in magic? Or is it only a cheap trick? All in all, let be reminded that these are our eyelashes and eyelids we will expose to action of the ‘magic’.

What effect does it produce?

LiLash lash growth serum’s aim is to extend our eyelashes. At least the producer claims that this kind of outcome is possible to obtain. When entering LiLash official webpage, we can learn that this lash growth serum is recommended for women whose natural eyelashes are damaged due to frequent application of false eyelashes attachment. Under such circumstances, LiLash lash serum can be perceived as a product of mainly regenerative action.

What is inside?

Unfortunately, even the official webpage does not contain any information connected with the composition of LiLash lash growth serum. We are not provided even with the main ingredient that the cosmetic is made from. Indeed, this create a growing distrust in the cosmetic. Certainly, eyes are sensitive therefore, it is crucial to know what is applied to our eyelids.

It is also hard to state clearly whether LiLash lash growth serum was not tested on animals. Such information is also hard to receive.

How does it look like?

LiLash lash growth serum is available in two versions – 2.95 ml and 5.91 ml. We cannot be sure whether 2.95 ml will be enough to undergo the complete treatment.

The box is black with azure and emerald elements. It creates a good aesthetic impression. The tube closed inside is of silver colour with an interesting inscription on.


Ocena 10 6
  • Total score: 6


  • a nice package, an aesthetic box
  • a brush instead of a mascara-like wand
  • it provides effect of regeneration to weakened eyelashes, which have been damaged by constant false lash application
  • ... and that is pretty all.


  • Without doubts, results that fall short of expectations are the drawback of the product. Generally, Neulash boosts shine, darkens and moisturises lashes and that’s the end of the benefits.
  • Buying a smaller version doesn’t pay off because you wait quite long for these barely visible effects (as many as five months of permanent use) and you need to use much more of the preparation than 3 ml.