LashFood lash growth serum was designed by JB Cosmetics. It takes pride in launching natural cosmetics that are named ‘drug-free’. They are supposed to be the alternative cosmetic for people having super sensitive and prone to allergy skin. When it comes to one of the most sensitive organs in the human organism – eyes – such promises seem to come as a complete revelation to those, who suffer from constant irritations. However, notice that the word ‘natural’ does not mean that a particular product is ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘organic’. Therefore, let us analyse composition of LashFood lash growth serum in order to discuss its content and effects.

How to use it?

LashFood looks like an eyeliner, which is why, it has to be used like this colour cosmetic. Basically, the lash growth serum should be applied the same way most similar beauty products are applied. To clarify, LashFood has to be distributed along eyelash root line. Obviously, we can put the product on eyebrows, if we would like to condition this type of hair.

How does it work?

The producer claims that LashFood lash growth serum generates first outcomes within 4-6 weeks. However, the truth is, 3 months is the period you have to wait if you want to notice any changes into your eyelash condition. What is more, eyelashes are supposed to be stronger and stay protected for 24 hours. Actually, the producer describes the outcomes as ‘longer, thicker, stronger looking lashes’. And the word ‘looking’ is definately the advertising keyword. Unfortunately, our eyelashes will not remain stronger for long. Indeed, they will look better, but not for as long as we expect them to stay. What is typical for LashFood lash growth serum, once you stop applying the product, your eyelashes return to their pre-treatment form. There are no traces of moisture left nor signs of greater extension. Obviously, we can arise dispute whether this 1-milimeter eyelash growth is the effect of natural eyelash growth cycle or is it the influence of the lash growth serum. O.K., let us say, it is due to LashFood.

Thank you LashFood for making our eyelashes 1 mm longer and our pocket lacking great amount of cash.

What effect does it produce?

It delivers moisture to eyelashes – that can be stated for sure. However, its action is more effective when applied to eyebrows since density improvement in this area is easier to notice. For that reason, LashFood can be used as a product for filling the gaps that appear after unskilful eyebrow hair removal.

What is inside?

LashFood lash growth serum contains substances of vegetable origins. However, do not get the imprison that the product is completely chemical substances-free.

For that reason, we should not trust the producer who wants to convince us that the action of the product is safe and is totally natural.

How does it look like?

LashFood looks really innocent. A white tube with a green leaf on that is closed in a white-and-green cardboard box. It has to be admitted that the product can be associated with hygiene as the leaf might evoke ecological connotations. Unfortunately, this impression is not 100% true.


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  • Total score: 3


  • nourishes eyebrows well
  • contains vitamins
  • includes compounds of natural origins
  • has a nice, white package


  • Lashfood contains quite a lot of natural ingredients, including vitamins yet it includes preservatives, too. It also features substances which clog the sebaceous glands.
  • The serum strengthens lashes but the effect isn’t long-lasting or adequate to the price.
  • What’s more, many women complain about lashes falling out instead of growing.